Saturday, January 1, 2011

Be A Part of the Solution

Well we are now starting the second decade of the 22nd Century with the introduction of 2011. 2010 brought us some great moments such as the rescue of the Chilean miners and my Oklahoma State Cowboys won 11 games and the Alamo Bowl, GO POKES!

However most of the newsworthy events of the past year seemed to placing blame to another party. The Gulf Oil Spill had fingers pointing at BP, the federal government, and the state government. We have Republicans blaming Democrats for the economic woes and vice versa. When did facing a problem mean trying to panning it off to another person, organization, or political party?

My parents taught my siblings and me when a problem comes our way to face it head on. Don’t try to place blame, but work to get the problem fixed. In 2011 our economy is still sluggish, wars still rage on, and there are millions of people who go hungry every day. If we put our energies into solving problems and not trying to place blame just think what we could do.

My resolutions for 2011 are:

1. Be a part of the solution not the problem.

2. Spend time studying the Bible and reflecting on what I have studied ( I am using the 2011 Upper Room Devotional Study Book)

3. Make a point to build people up not tear them down

For those who read this I ask for your prayers and suggestions you may have to assist me in following through with these resolution and I hope that the word will be spread that in order for us resolve problems that we all face.

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  1. Good resolutions, Charlie. I pray you can meet them all as you work through this year. Time spent on the second ought to help with the first and third!
    Happy New Year!